Nurtured in Nature

During these uncertain times including unseen enemies, economics and energy changes never forget the faithful ones…

Nature and her beautiful blessings large and small live in harmony without human hands interfering.

We need to take heed from our teachers herein and with reverence take time to enjoy and marvel at the wonders out there.

Switch the phone, social media and any other distractions and give thanks for the heaven sent natural world around us.

Perfect inner peace be yours


Dr Judy Gail Kirk

BSc Physio Wits, MB ChB Wits, MPhil UCT

Bokkie joy 2020

Awareness of Soul full self

Listening and looking around at the reality of the world it is no wonder we are in the flux we are. The split in everything that manifests outside our human form, a reflection of inner divides, that need to be reunited for the whole of the worlds’ well being. Self focus illuminates the restless reality that external striving for money, power, fame are but an inner yearning for peaceful, happiness of the soul. The names given to the differences in outside world, merely a deflection for internal self denial and disharmony. If we are to elevate out of chaos into peace, please individually join your puzzle pieces and reflect that sunshine in your beautiful soul.

Thank you for all the love and support on the journey we all singularly, however collectively share.


Rainbow blessings.


On Auction – 28 November 2018 – The Remainder of Portion 183 of The Farm Gowrie No. 1930

Contact person email address

We are happy to announce the auction of one of our sites in South Africa Midlands area.

I have proposed holistic village ideas and consultancy work done over many years F1000013by myself on request for a fee.

Keep shining

Dr Judy Gail Kirk
BSc Physiotherapy Wits, MB ChB Wits, MPhil Palliative Medicine UCT



Hi there
As most of you know i am returning to South Africa for now.
I have completed my specialist training in the wonderful land of Scotland.
In between ward rounds, workshops and sessions i will be doing international HAC’s
(Health Advisory Consultations)IMG_4365preferably through Skype.
The consultations will include reviewing all medical data, treatments and chatting to the client looking at the whole picture, person and how they feel in all aspects.
We will chat about options and the possible ways forward with day to day practitioners.
  Contact me through my website ‘contact page’.
The website highlights another venture of mine with charity upliftment projects.
Thanks and blessings

Dr Judy Gail Kirk
BSc Physiotherapy Wits, MB ChB Wits, MPhil Palliative Medicine

Sunshine moments

We are very grateful to have spent the holidays with a special child from one of our S4S supported children’s homes. It was through our S4S community upliftment connection that we received this gift in the form of a holiday foster. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my networking friends and other community projects for their kind donations of gifts and time bestowed upon him. What an amazing awareness of these children’s homes which selflessly partake in empowering children to be the best they can be. I am humbled to be part of this community upliftment programme. Thank you all. God bless.img_0014-copy

Global growth

Its with great excitement that S4S continues to globally spread with Sunshine wings. It has been a gift that i have been able to focus on expanding my skills set whilst working in Ireland and England among wondrous travel experiences. Please continue to stay in touch and uplift those around you. Keep shining with big hugs from me.IMG_1492

Hearts abound as love infuses S4S.

What a journey the last month has been for me with a halt in S4S projects due to my miraculous recovery.

I had emergency neck surgery on the 4 th December as my right arm became paralyzed.

What an interesting and terrifying time it has been for me, with the awareness of how vital health is and the blessing that loving, caring people are in times of absolute helplessness. Not forgetting the absolute gift of devoted, brilliant medical staff. Thank you.

The reflection of unconditional love has been so gratefully received.

I have become so self empowered to spread the knowing of the power of love, starting first with self love, that my second book request is manifesting as we speak.

After the super success of my first book called Celebration of Self, the flow into second book is very exciting, which is called Sunshine for the Soul.

Watch out for me on our world tour spreading the awareness of how awesome you are.

The wonderful giving and receiving of S4S, will begin again in 2016, infused with absolute love.

Thank you for being my gift at this vulnerable time.

I love you all.



Nurturing * Wellness * Empowerment

All the wonderful soothing products in the S4S range, contain an element of seawater, wonderful natural bases and absolutely no harmful substances, such as parabens. Now you can enjoy the selection of natural aromatherapy agents that are included in the ‘feel good’ concentrated product range.

These products allow one to feel pampered by consisting of our favourite natural elements:


Natural, deliciously rich body cream, filled with rays and rays of joy.


Peaceful bath bliss bubbles for all to enjoy.


Fragrant natural oils for slices of luxury in life, moments filled with massages, bathing or even use these in your oil burners for evoking a harmonious ambience in your home or office.


Lavender pillow​ which a​llows one to sigh and relax.


Releases the old and allows for the new. These delightful natural sea salt scrubs combine natural earth for maximum grounding and soothing effects.



S4S ‘fun’ shop sizzles

Thanks to Sarah’s passion for vegetarian cooking, S4S was mesmerized by a marvelous fun luncheon, Pop Up Peru !


Sarah’s Story

Food, for some, is sustenance, fuel, and a necessity to survive. For others, food is sharing, passion, an adventure for the taste buds. I absolutely thrive in the kitchen. I find my happy place and enjoy every second of the journey in preparing a meal. The only thing I love more than cooking and experimenting with new healthy but hearty vegetarian foods is the final stage of the journey – sharing the meal with others and creating an experience for the taste buds and soul. I thrive off of the connections we can make around a table sharing meals and stories with people. So here’s my story…

After graduating from Rhodes University in 2014 I packed my backpack and headed off to experience North and South America. Without a return ticket home planned and not knowing what to expect, I found myself not only discovering incredible places but also rediscovering my passions and what really drives me. My path led me to Peru and after a few months of being completely engulfed in this beautifully arable country so rife with culture, I found utter bliss volunteering on organic farms and learning more about agriculture, permaculture, and self-sustainability. This proved to be the perfect flame to reignite my burning love for cooking and experiencing new food with new friends.

I have returned home to share my traveling experiences with friends, old and new, in a new and exciting way – Pop Up Peru. I aim to create a unique dining experience that is a mixture between the Pop Up restaurant idea and an in-home catering and cooking class. I prepare dishes that are inspired by different countries and experiences, and provide recipes, tips, and tales of the adventures! My mission is to allow people to completely connect with their guests, taking away the worry of what’s happening in the kitchen, while providing a unique Vegetarian three course dining experience that will let you bite into different cultures and countries. Enjoy trying new exciting meals, share the experience with friends and family, and allow your taste buds to go on a trip around the world!

For further information please contact us via contact page on website

S4S- 10 years in the making !

S4S time line

Over 10 years ago, the magical concept of S4S, Sunshine for the Soul was but an idea… 


  • 2005 Journey Towards Healthy Wholeness came into being, whereby patients are treated as individuals, facilitated by team work in a framework of integrative, intuitive medicine.
  • TRAINING and COMMUNITY projects begun…
  • 2006 S4S holistic village request  SUNSHINE FOR THE SOUL/ S4S ECO ZONES… 
  • NZ conference Research publication SAMJ Feb 2006- assessment of the difference the Hospital Palliative Care Team was making to the hospital patients’ quality of life.
  • 2007 Mindfulness stress reduction instructor’s course
  • TV interview CNBC Holistic medicine
  • Book launch September 
  • 2008 TV interview SABC Bonitas one hour live
  • 2009 London/Ireland Initiatives 2009-2013
  • 2012 Radio interview Living one’s Bliss
  • Pols magazine article – Get some Sunshine for your Soul and Smile
  • Balboa Press Division of Hay House publish Celebration of Self- My journey xx