Nurturing * Wellness * Empowerment

All the wonderful soothing products in the S4S range, contain an element of seawater, wonderful natural bases and absolutely no harmful substances, such as parabens. Now you can enjoy the selection of natural aromatherapy agents that are included in the ‘feel good’ concentrated product range.

These products allow one to feel pampered by consisting of our favourite natural elements:


Natural, deliciously rich body cream, filled with rays and rays of joy.


Peaceful bath bliss bubbles for all to enjoy.


Fragrant natural oils for slices of luxury in life, moments filled with massages, bathing or even use these in your oil burners for evoking a harmonious ambience in your home or office.


Lavender pillow​ which a​llows one to sigh and relax.


Releases the old and allows for the new. These delightful natural sea salt scrubs combine natural earth for maximum grounding and soothing effects.



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