S4S ‘fun’ shop sizzles

Thanks to Sarah’s passion for vegetarian cooking, S4S was mesmerized by a marvelous fun luncheon, Pop Up Peru !


Sarah’s Story

Food, for some, is sustenance, fuel, and a necessity to survive. For others, food is sharing, passion, an adventure for the taste buds. I absolutely thrive in the kitchen. I find my happy place and enjoy every second of the journey in preparing a meal. The only thing I love more than cooking and experimenting with new healthy but hearty vegetarian foods is the final stage of the journey – sharing the meal with others and creating an experience for the taste buds and soul. I thrive off of the connections we can make around a table sharing meals and stories with people. So here’s my story…

After graduating from Rhodes University in 2014 I packed my backpack and headed off to experience North and South America. Without a return ticket home planned and not knowing what to expect, I found myself not only discovering incredible places but also rediscovering my passions and what really drives me. My path led me to Peru and after a few months of being completely engulfed in this beautifully arable country so rife with culture, I found utter bliss volunteering on organic farms and learning more about agriculture, permaculture, and self-sustainability. This proved to be the perfect flame to reignite my burning love for cooking and experiencing new food with new friends.

I have returned home to share my traveling experiences with friends, old and new, in a new and exciting way – Pop Up Peru. I aim to create a unique dining experience that is a mixture between the Pop Up restaurant idea and an in-home catering and cooking class. I prepare dishes that are inspired by different countries and experiences, and provide recipes, tips, and tales of the adventures! My mission is to allow people to completely connect with their guests, taking away the worry of what’s happening in the kitchen, while providing a unique Vegetarian three course dining experience that will let you bite into different cultures and countries. Enjoy trying new exciting meals, share the experience with friends and family, and allow your taste buds to go on a trip around the world!

For further information please contact us via contact page on website


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