Hearts abound as love infuses S4S.

What a journey the last month has been for me with a halt in S4S projects due to my miraculous recovery.

I had emergency neck surgery on the 4 th December as my right arm became paralyzed.

What an interesting and terrifying time it has been for me, with the awareness of how vital health is and the blessing that loving, caring people are in times of absolute helplessness. Not forgetting the absolute gift of devoted, brilliant medical staff. Thank you.

The reflection of unconditional love has been so gratefully received.

I have become so self empowered to spread the knowing of the power of love, starting first with self love, that my second book request is manifesting as we speak.

After the super success of my first book called Celebration of Self, the flow into second book is very exciting, which is called Sunshine for the Soul.

Watch out for me on our world tour spreading the awareness of how awesome you are.

The wonderful giving and receiving of S4S, will begin again in 2016, infused with absolute love.

Thank you for being my gift at this vulnerable time.

I love you all.


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