S4S- 10 years in the making !

S4S time line

Over 10 years ago, the magical concept of S4S, Sunshine for the Soul was but an idea… 


  • 2005 Journey Towards Healthy Wholeness came into being, whereby patients are treated as individuals, facilitated by team work in a framework of integrative, intuitive medicine.
  • TRAINING and COMMUNITY projects begun…
  •  http://www.s4sconsultancy.co.za/community.html
  • 2006 S4S holistic village request  SUNSHINE FOR THE SOUL/ S4S ECO ZONES… 
  • http://www.s4sconsultancy.co.za/eco_zones.html
  • NZ conference Research publication SAMJ Feb 2006- assessment of the difference the Hospital Palliative Care Team was making to the hospital patients’ quality of life.
  • 2007 Mindfulness stress reduction instructor’s course
  • TV interview CNBC Holistic medicine
  • Book launch September 
  • 2008 TV interview SABC Bonitas one hour live
  • 2009 London/Ireland Initiatives 2009-2013
  • 2012 Radio interview Living one’s Bliss
  • Pols magazine article – Get some Sunshine for your Soul and Smile
  • Balboa Press Division of Hay House publish Celebration of Self- My journey xx

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