New S4S role model of sunshine 

Agatha is a 78 year old young rocking, hysterical soul with many past life challenges, most people would have ‘died’ inside from, yet she chose to shine and shine bright!
She does volunteer work at prisons, soup kitchens, caring for ill souls. She spreads her God focused light on all around.
Her Mom is 99 and still lives on her own.
May we at S4S embrace the wisdom of such sunshine souls.
Thank you for the gift.

S4S Community upliftment and empowerment project -Unity College special needs education

S4S consultancyDSC00724

supports Unity College special needs education through our community Upliftment branch, S4S empowerment for individuals:
They are requiring _Work Experience: Hosting a learner for work / employability (a company you know that wants to host a child with special needs for work experience)
I assisted with placement of a learner at my medical practice helping with reception and filing, she was an absolute joy to have around.

Current needs list….

Based on the School currently;

  1. Our Building Fund: Sponsoring of classrooms (In your networking, if there’s a corporate company wanting to sponsor the building of a classroom. Our Early Childhood Intervention classroom would need items – items further down)
  2. Athletics track (One would need to break this down. “What makes up a track?” … If there was a connection to a sports person, an athlete… etc.)
  3. Therapy Pool (Same as above or simply money towards building a pool – swimming is very much a part of OT  therapy for disabled bodies)
  4. Netball Stands (a tennis court…)
  5. We want to develop our Early Childhood Intervention Facility;
  6. a) Furniture,
  7. b) Specialised play equipment
  8. c) Sensory room with related equipment
  9. Would like to purchase another vehicle to help children from surrounding areas, (Pta/Centurion area) where parents aren’t able to bring their children here. (funds towards or  putting us in touch with a car dealership one has contacts at etc.)

Please contact Michelle Kirk directly 011 460 0017

S4S new shiny website launch

What a special day today is !

After three months of lots of fun and meet ups,  Gustaf has produced a creative masterpiece and Kerese edited the website to produce a fabulous flow of fun.

Thanks guys

The primary vision of Sunshine for the Soul (S4​S)​, is about connecting people and projects, empowerment and upliftment of individuals and communities everywhere, for total well-being. S4S is wellness leading to joy!

Sunshine for the Soul is a global organization that assists people to rediscover their inner joy.
It is a fact that we do our most creative thinking when we are relaxed, for instance, when we are enjoying holidays,​relaxing in the bath,​ ​ on the weekends, having a fun time. Why wait for a two-week annual holiday to be able to enhance your quality of life, when you could incorporate play, fun, and ultimately well-being into your every day ?
Through our five branches, S4S Eco Zones, Shift , ​ ​ Community Uplift​ment​ , Training and Products, S4S engages individuals and companies at their particular level of need, and together, we craft customised solutions. These connect the various parts required, in order to enhance fun, dial up the productive playtime and in so doing, enhance quality of life.

We hope you have as much fun surfing the website as we did creating it and living the S4S vision.

Keep shining x