S4S Community upliftment and empowerment project -Unity College special needs education

S4S consultancyDSC00724


supports Unity College special needs education through our community Upliftment branch, S4S empowerment for individuals:
They are requiring _Work Experience: Hosting a learner for work / employability (a company you know that wants to host a child with special needs for work experience)
I assisted with placement of a learner at my medical practice helping with reception and filing, she was an absolute joy to have around.

Current needs list….

Based on the School currently;

  1. Our Building Fund: Sponsoring of classrooms (In your networking, if there’s a corporate company wanting to sponsor the building of a classroom. Our Early Childhood Intervention classroom would need items – items further down)
  2. Athletics track (One would need to break this down. “What makes up a track?” … If there was a connection to a sports person, an athlete… etc.)
  3. Therapy Pool (Same as above or simply money towards building a pool – swimming is very much a part of OT  therapy for disabled bodies)
  4. Netball Stands (a tennis court…)
  5. We want to develop our Early Childhood Intervention Facility;
  6. a) Furniture,
  7. b) Specialised play equipment
  8. c) Sensory room with related equipment
  9. Would like to purchase another vehicle to help children from surrounding areas, (Pta/Centurion area) where parents aren’t able to bring their children here. (funds towards or  putting us in touch with a car dealership one has contacts at etc.)

Please contact Michelle Kirk directly 011 460 0017

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